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What are the specific scientific and technical objectives of sys2WHEEL?

Objective 1

sys2WHEEL will reduce cost in mass production by at least 20% through components becoming obsolete and through reduction of wiring costs as time-sensitive networks will be applicable.

Objective 2

The powertrain efficiency will be increased by improved e-motor windings, advanced rare-earth magnets, reduced powertrain rotating parts, reduced losses, advanced control and weight reduction.

It will be demonstrated with a full size hardware and software implementation into two existing commercial demonstrator vehicles.

Objective 3

Affordability and user-friendliness will be achieved by enhanced modularity and packaging. Automotive quality will be addressed by advanced fail-operational safety and ISO 26262 compliance, modular and scalable technologies and lowered total cost of ownership.

Space-saving approaches in sys2WHEEL lead to more freedom for batteries, cargo and drivers.