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The ultimate goal of sys2WHEEL is to develop sustainable city logistics and improve mobility, accessibility, and quality of life of European citizens by taking a transdisciplinary approach. Both, in-wheel and e-axle solutions have a high potential regarding fully electric commercial vehicles for future city logistics since they provide numerous advantages and benefits:

  • Increasing driving range with the same battery or keeping same range with smaller batteries
  • Reducing number of components and complexity of supply chain
  • Compact packaging of powertrain components enabling more space for driver and freight
  • Reducing vehicle weight and thus CO2 emissions
  • Reducing maintenance cost
  • Reducing energy cost
  • Lowering development cost and thus vehicle price
  • Powertrain technologies for intelligent and connected vehicles
  • Providing high stability and performance
  • Enabling attractive, user-centered designs

Moreover, the uniqueness of the project relies also on the availability of two urban freight vehicle demonstrators (N2 IVECO and N1 TOF) addressing different market requirements, drivetrain architectures, and software technologies. They will demonstrate the scalability, transferability and benefits of the sys2WHEEL solutions in a representative environment.