New Project Video by TOFAS

In the project video produced by TOFAS,  you can see how the electric hub motor technology and the new generation connectivity leads to more range, higher effeciency and more space for electrified vehicles. Watch it out: 

2 new publications

Two relevant papers could be published recently and are open access.

One conference paper, titled „Towards Brand-Independent Architectures, Components and Systems for Next Generation Electrified Vehicles Optimised for the Infrastructure“ was published in the proceedings journal of SAE World in October 2022. The authors joint forces with the Evolve cluster: Eric Armengaud, Bernhard Brandstätter, Matej Biček, Joze Buh, Aldo Sorniotti, Ahu Ece Hartavi, Christof Schernus, Thomas Geury, Stella Arapoglou, Marius Heydrich, Valentin Ivanov. DOI: 

The Journal Paper “On nonlinear model predictive direct yaw moment control for trailer sway mitigation” by Martino De Bernardis, Gabriele Rini, Francesco Bottiglione, Ahu Ece Hartavi and Aldo Sorniotti was published in Vehicle System Dynamics in August 2022. DOI: 

Final Public Event – Documents

On September 30th, 2022 we celebrated the closing of our project with stakeholders from the European Commision, CINEA, logistics companies, car makers and experts from academia.

We presented the overall achievements and showed four webinars: ADVANCED CONTROL, TIME SENSITIVE NETWORK,  IN-WHEEL SYSTEM FOR N1 CATEGORY VEHICLES and E-AXLE for N2 CATEGORY VEHICLES. All webinars can be downloaed by clicking on the respective title.

Additional, we presented the brand new project video.

3rd Newsletter launched

The third and last newsletter of SYS2WHEEL is launched!  

You will find a summary of all project achievements and the latest news on meetings and publications.  See a detailed comparison of the amibious targets and the measures that the consortium has developed in over 45 months of intensive research. Have a good read.

Final Public Event on September 30th, 2022

On September 30th, 2022 we celebrate the closing of our project and show you the highlights of our research!

In this online event, you will get to know the major objectives and achievements  of our research project. We start on 9:00 with a introduction of the project together with all consortium partners.

At 10:00 you will watch the first webinar on „ADVANCED CONTROL“, followed by „TIME SENSITIVE NETWORK“ at 10:30. At 11.00 we present the third webniar on „IN-WHEEL SYSTEM FOR N1 CATEGORY VEHICLES“ and at 11.30 you will see „E-AXLE for N2 CATEGORY VEHICLES“. In all webinars there is enough time for discussion and questions and at 12.10 we close the event.

If you want to join us, please dial-in with this link.

To get a first impression of our research, please watch our project video.

2nd Newsletter launched

The second newsletter of SYS2WHEEL is launched!  

You will find three topics the project team is currently investigating: in-wheel energy harvesting, impacts of in-wheel e-drive and a model based real-time robust hitch angel controller. In addition, you can find information on latest project activities and dissemination events. And if you wonder about the meaning of the colorful picture on the left, you will find the answer in the newsletter. Have a good read

3 project deliverables published

Three important project deliverables are launched!  

During the last months, three main tasks of the project have been finished. Now theses reports can be downloaded here.

First, you can find the analysis on the energy-efficiency of a torque-vectoring control system for an electric front-wheel-drive commercial vehicle, written by our researchers from the University of Surrey. 

Second, our project partner FPT has finished its report on the development and integration of the e-Axle subsystem. The left image gives a glimpse of the design of the e-Axle.

And third, you can find the report on the development and integration of the in-wheel system by elaphe. 

elaphe at the TBB Connect

The TBB-Connect will take place on November 4th to 5th, 2020. Industry, investors, policy makers and start-ups will come together to create and trigger new sustainable business opportunities. 

Our project partner elaphe will present the company’s ambition and fields of activity including the sys2wheel project.


1st Newsletter launched

The first newsletter of SYS2WHEEL is launched!  

You will find insights on three challenging topics the project team is currently working on:  in-wheel motor technology, cost-benefit-analysis and new torque-vectoring controller. In addition, you can find information on project goals and dissemination activities. Have a good read

2nd General Assembly Meeting

The 2nd General Assembly Meeting took place in Tel Aviv on January 28th and 29th, 2020. Our project partner SoftWheel is located here and was happy to invite the consortium.

Main topics included a work package overview, dissemination plans and the detailed planning of 2020 activities.